Here’s what’s most crucial to getting your offer accepted in this market.

How do you get an offer accepted in this competitive real estate market? With low supply and very high demand, buyers are currently finding it more difficult to win the home they want. The simplest answer, and what often gets an offer accepted over others, is having the highest price. Most sellers want to get the highest price for the sale of their homes. 

Besides that, the key things that get offers accepted are the terms. To illustrate this, have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered fish, but they brought you a hamburger? If that happened, you would say they weren’t listening to what you wanted, this isn’t what you ordered, and you’d like the salmon. Putting an offer together is similar because you need to find out what the seller truly wants and needs. 

“Besides price, the key things that get offers accepted are the terms.”

What terms do they want, how quick of an escrow period do they want, do they need a rent-back? Are they looking for a tight contingency period, or are they looking for an offer that has no appraisal contingency? It doesn’t matter what you think they want— what they truly want is what matters. When you’re neck and neck in price with another offer, if yours has exactly what the seller wants, it’s likely to get accepted. 

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